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Intro Database
Woman at desk using ilexsoftware for natural cosmetics formulation

Four connected modules to make your natural formulation easier.

ilexsoftware speeds up your natural cosmetics projects and makes your creative process enjoyable.

HQ formulation templates

Get inspired by tens of high-quality formulation templates made by professionals.

Powerful & intuitive interface

Powerful search engine, flexible formulator, automatic report generator and more

Raw materials database

15K+ commercial products in a parametric database. INCIs, process tips, restrictions, allergens and much more!

Botanical database

2K+ botanical species & chemicals from each plant parts, including allergens.


Work efficiently with ilex formulation toolbox

Work efficiently with our formulation toolbox.

Our formulator is so intuitive and powerful that you will start formulating immediately.

Select a product template, use the search engine to find the right ingredients and add them to the formula with just a few clicks.

Document the procedure with comments, photos and videos. Add marketing information auto-magically, and share reports with your client or digital community.

The formulation toolbox is included in all subscription plans.

Using templates to speed-up your project

Speed up your project with ready-to-use formulation templates

Get inspired by our templates developed by professionals.

Simply open the template that best matches your idea, adjust the ingredients according to your needs and send the reports to your manufacturer, client, or digital community. Simple and fast!

Template library is available only for paid subscriptions.

sample of searching in ilexsoftware database using ilexsoftware search engine

Find the right ingredients easily and quickly.

Reduce the time of searching and selecting ingredients to minutes.

Information on 15K+ commercial products from natural origin, 1K+ ready-to-formulate meta-ingredients, botanical information on 2K+ plant species, processing tips, allergen content, restrictions, and much more, are available just a few clicks away thanks to our search engine.

Database and search engine are included in all subscription plans!

Searching botanical data in database from ilexsoftware

No more doubts about the actives in botanicals

Be confident in your formulas and claims.

Our extensive botanical database will give you quick answers about the chemical content of plant parts and the ingredients derived from them, including allergens.

Search for a plant by its common or botanical name, check the active ingredients according to their parts, find the derived cosmetic ingredients and their datasheets in a few clicks!.

The botanical database is included in all subscription plans.

Sample of generating ordered ingredients information using marketing tools from ilexsoftware

Produce marketing information automagically.

Generate marketing drafts in seconds with this advanced tool.

Choose the formula and you're done: you'll have a document with the ordered list of ingredients, label information, ingredient description, restrictions, allergens, warnings and more.

Marketing draft tool is included in all subscription plans.

Sample of natural cosmetics report generated with ilexsoftware

Create beautiful documents to share with your customers and digital community

Producing the final report to share with your client or digital community is really simple and fast.

Choose the information to share, define some aesthetic details and that's it! A report will be ready to share! You don't have to worry about downloading it, we will keep it hosted on our servers. You will only need to share the link through your usual communication channels.

This feature is included in all subscription plans.

computer connected to the cloud using ilexsoftware from everywhere

No installation required, ilexsoftware lives in the cloud.

You don't have to worry about downloading any piece of software to formulate like a professional.

With ilex, you will do the complete work cycle in the cloud, so the requirements are minimal.

All you need is a computer with an active internet connection, Chrome browser installed on your computer, and an active ilexsoftware license.

Special plans for Professors & Students

ilexsoftware supporting natural cosmetics formulators and researchers

We support those who want a more natural world.

The trend towards responsible consumption has been strongly evident in personal care. People demand natural, sustainable, and environmentally cost-effective alternatives. Meeting these demands is challenging. Natural product developers need to be trained to deal with the changes that consumers impose on the industry. From our side, we want to make a humble contribution to support this change. Ilexsoftware offers tools to help both teachers and students to achieve this goal at a really affordable cost.
professor using ilexsoftware to teach student natural cosmetics formulation

For professors

Ilexsoftware tools allow you to create study material and tutorials with stunning visual development and reliable content. Save a lot of time and effort with the formulation and search engine modules. Include descriptions, formula versions, procedures, restrictions, allergens, and more. The automatic document generator will produce the final visual material to share with your students in just a few steps.

student learning natural cosmetics with ilexsoftware

For students

We encourage students to explore the opportunities of formulating in the natural side. Information on 15K+ commercial products from natural origin, 1K+ meta-ingredients, botanical data on 2K+ plant species including their chemical compounds, process tips, allergen content, restrictions, batch calculations, and much more, are easily at hand.


Choose the plan that best suits your profile. Save more than 30% on all subscriptions by paying annually. Prices do not include VAT.

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$0per month

Ideal for getting to know the software. Good for people who formulate occasionally for themselves.

  • Up to 2 projects
  • 1 basic template
  • 20 Premium templates
  • 1 formula per project
  • Up to 10 ingredients per formula
  • 1 report per project
  • Discount on consultancy
  • Up to 30 queries/day
  • Up to 500 queries/month


$39per month

Great for DIYers, entrepreneurs and researchers who do not need to manage more than 20 projects.

  • Up to 20 projects
  • 1 basic template
  • 20 Premium templates
  • 3 formulas per project
  • Up to 20 ingredients per formula
  • 3 reports per project
  • 10 % off on consultancy
  • Up to 100 queries/day
  • Up to 2500 queries/month


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